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AmbigramArt is a free online ambigram generator that can turn any word or string of letters into an ambigram within seconds. All you have to do is enter the word you want to be transformed into an ambigram into the provided text box, and press generates; AmbigramArt will have your personalized ambigram ready.

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An ambigram is a visual art pattern with many meanings when written. Douglas Hofstadter originated this phrase in 1983. Ambigrams are most commonly seen as aesthetically balanced symbols. Once flipped, they either remain intact or morph to disclose a new meaning. The recent rise in ambigram culture can be attributed to Dan Brown. He incorporated this art into his immensely celebrated novel “Da Vinci Code,” which again reignited people’s love for ambigrams.

Generator word as an ambigram

Once you search for AmbigramArt online, you will be guided to a modern website that serves its main purpose as an ambigram generator and serves two additional purposes of providing information regarding palindromes and creating ambigrams yourself.

Types of Ambigrams


A pattern reveals numerous instances of words being flipped through a particular angle. This is normally 180 degrees. However, there are rotatable ambigrams of various grades, such as 90 or 45 degrees.


When mirrored or seen in a mirror, artwork can be read in both directions, generally with the same string of words. Reflection can occur along either a vertical or horizontal axis.


A motif in which words are interwoven to form a recurring chain. Chain ambigrams are often shown in the shape of a circle.


An organic ambigram is a word that has several of the above harmonics and does not require any typographic treatment when written in its natural state.

Features of Ambigram Art

Generating any ambigram

A few clicks and entering the word you need is all it takes to generate an ambigram for yourself as you visit Ambigram Art.

Explaining the difference between Palindromes and Ambigrams

An article posted on AmbigramArt allows you to understand and figure out the difference between palindromes and ambigrams. It can be viewed as an informational piece of information that guides you through the intricate details of the ambigram-ing world.

Teaching how to create ambigrams yourself

Another article available on the cover page of AmbigramArt takes you through the process of creating and hand-crafting your ambigrams. This method is difficult as it takes time and effort, but the step-by-step guide from AmbigramArt allows one to go through it seamlessly.