Online ambigram generator

AmbigramArt is a free online ambigram generator that can turn any word or string of letters into an ambigram within seconds. All you have to do is enter the word you want to be transformed into an ambigram into the provided text box, and press generates; AmbigramArt will have your personalized ambigram ready. Only A … Read more

How to make ambigrams

An ambigram is a typographic design or art form that may be read as one or more words in their original form and from a different perspective, direction, or orientation. The words are seen from the opposite viewpoint; direction or orientation may be the same or differentfrom the original text. The term is quite new. … Read more

What are ambigrams?

An ambigram is a type of word design that can be deciphered when viewed in a variety of directions or perspectives, either as the same word or as an entirely different word. While they may seem to be a new trend, in reality, ambigrams have been around for centuries. To learn more about ambigrams, including … Read more

Seven Ambigram Tattoo Ideas

strength courage ambigram tattoo

Ambigrams are a type of typographical art – they are designed in a way to have the same word or a new word to be read from each direction. Ambigrams are commonly used for tattoos; common designs include life-death, hope-faith, and family-forever ambigrams. Ambigrams gained popularity after being featured in Dan Brown’s novel, Angels and … Read more