Which Calligraphy Brushes to Use and Why

Diverse and complex, calligraphy is a type of visual art that uses words as its primary medium. The practice of writing visually appealing text has been around for centuries. In the past, calligraphers used quills and parchment to produce written works. Today, people have numerous digital tools to experiment with different kinds of lettering. Thanks … Read more

Brush Lettering vs Calligraphy: Which is for You? The Difference Explained

Brush lettering and calligraphy are two creative approaches to writing with a pen. But how do you know which one is right for you? Both are ways of expressing yourself creatively through your handwriting, but they’re also very different. For many people, the words ‘brush lettering’ or ‘calligraphy’ brings to mind images of wedding invitations, … Read more

Learn Calligraphy Skills: From Beginner to Master in No Time!

Are you in search of a perfect hobby to engage yourself in? If yes, then handwriting practice can help you. Have you ever wondered what’s the secret behind elegant handwriting? Do you wish to write beautifully like a calligrapher? Well, if yes, then learning calligraphy is your best bet! Calligraphy is the art of handwriting … Read more

The Unique Art of Ambigram Tattoos and Calligraphy: A Definitive Guide

In the world of tattoos and tattoo art, there are a number of sub-genres and styles that stand out from the rest. One such niche is the ambigram tattoo, which combines calligraphic principles with optical illusions to create designs that are both elegant and eerie. An ambigram is a word or phrase that can be … Read more

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing

It may be outdated to discuss handwriting care when the world is increasingly reliant on two fingers resting on a touchscreen… However, as you may have inferred from my many earlier blogs, I am a great believer in preserving the manual skill of drawing and writing. Never! Consider how Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple, … Read more

What is Calligraphy?

The skill of writing beautiful words is known as calligraphy. It is considered an art form because learning requires skills and perseverance. You can practice Calligraphy with either a brush or a pen, depending on which you prefer. Colors and glitters can also be added to make the display more appealing. All you have to … Read more