8 Steps to Hand Lettering for Beginners

As the popularity of vintage aesthetics continues to grow, so too does the demand for visual elements that can be easily adopted into modern-day design projects. Hand lettering is an art form that’s perfect for adding an old-world charm to any project, big or small. Whether you’re designing a logo, label, or other pieces of … Read more

The Art of Typography: A Beginners Guide to the Basics

Good typography can elevate the most mundane and uninteresting piece of writing into something engaging, interesting, and readable. It’s the difference between reading something and skimming it. A bad design can make a good piece of writing almost unreadable. Typography is the art of using type to communicate, either visually or as text. Typography involves … Read more

The Unique Art of Ambigram Tattoos and Calligraphy: A Definitive Guide

In the world of tattoos and tattoo art, there are a number of sub-genres and styles that stand out from the rest. One such niche is the ambigram tattoo, which combines calligraphic principles with optical illusions to create designs that are both elegant and eerie. An ambigram is a word or phrase that can be … Read more